Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Another Accident On Springfield Road

Ron J. Melancon
8898 Castle Point Drive
Glen Allen, VA 23060


Dear Tim Foster:
Dear Virgil Hazlett:
Dear VDOT:

Do you live in this area? Do you really care? Do you really understand? Do you value Children's lives? Do you?

How many many more? Before the planning commission 25 years ago that foresaw the problem with Springfield road gets traction.

You say you are public safety? Yet you find funding for Gayton Road, John Rolf Parkway and even install new curb and gutting on Parham road yet you do nothing in this now congested vital link to Staples Mill Road.

I am offended that you value our lives in the sector so little that you promote this Dangerous Roadway as safe. If you lived here you will get things done.

It is about time we address and get the problem fixed. Lack of funding should not take unnecessary lives. Does a car have to hit a school bus before you get things done?

Shame on you.


Ron J. Melancon

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