Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yet Another Accident October 25, 2010

Ron J. Melancon
8898 Castle Point Road
Glen Allen, VA 23060


Dear Safety Concerned Advocate:

Update....VDOT found over 900,000 million dollars....it is about time they find the money to Complete this much needed roadway. Take note that next year the 10th graders of Glen Allen High will start to drive and it is only going to get worse.

In America we should not wait until the loss of life happens before we all know needs to be done. Why does it have to come to this.!!!

If It needs to be done and mark my words I will start a petition and I know I will get over 90% of our Residents who live in this area to sign it. If that what it takes and If It takes me a year to get it done....so be it.

Attached you will find yet another accident at the T section of
Springfield Road and Francistown Road.

Note our web site. We fully understand that Springfield Road is a State

25 Years ago this roadway was looked into for improvements and was
funded 2 times...the money simply went away.

However at this time Nuckols Road was planned to connect to Staples Mill
Road and at this time we did not have 3 Schools....and Sub-Division

We make this point....you have two arms....in this case it was Nuckols
Road and Improved Springfield Road and when you cut off one arm...in
this case it was Nuckos Road and suddenly you only have one arm....

And that one arm 20 years ago was expected to lift 40 pounds...and now
you are asking it to lift 120 pounds stress is going to happen.

So in this case we are asking that Springfield Road handle the capacity
of all these vehicles traffic with the same roadway in place 25 years ago.

It is not going to happen...it is about time we fund Springfield Road
before more lives are lost.

Why do we have to wait for another loss of life?...You know I am telling
the truth....instead of calling me crazy....I ask...prove me wrong.


Ron J. Melancon

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